Cre8ive Cakes on TV

This was one of the cakes I used to make (before getting into the Cupcake flower business).

One of my cakes almost stole the show on the German version of the TV show "Come dine with me". It airs in Germany on channel VOX with the name  "Das Perfekte Dinner", where contestants each get one day of cooking and hosting a Dinner night for the other contestants.

The guests get to rate the dinner based on look, taste and presentation. I had the first dinner day which was a blessing as it took me several hours to create just the dessert alone! We filmed an entire 20 hours straight, from 8am on and weren't finished until the next morning at 4am. This was just day one and we still had 4 more days ahead of us that weren't less stressful. But the fun outweighed the stress by far and given the fact that all of us contestants are friends, it made it so much more fun :)
Since we're in Texas and the theme was "The perfect Texas dinner", I decided to go with the "roadkill" theme for my cake. Nothing too gruesome, but instead kinda cute!

The show was a success with 2.3 Million viewers!

Roadkill cake for "Das Perfekte Texas Dinner" VOX

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