Cupcake Bouquets by Cre8ive Cakes 

is open for business in Central Texas!

Valentine's day is coming up! 
Put your order in early!!! 

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more special with the ultimate centerpiece -

 Cupcake Bouquet by Cre8ive Cakes

Cupcake Bouquets not only LOOK like a REAL flower bouquet - they taste AMAZING!!

They're perfect for 

  • military functions 
  • office parties
  • retirement ceremonies
  • birthdays, corporate events
  • volunteer, school events
  • sports celebrations
  • bridal and baby showers

Serving is easy, no need for cutting or forks and plates, a napkin will do. Everyone will get the same amount of cake, the only arguement for the kids is in who gets which flower they'll get! 

Gorgeous looking, less mess and fast serving!

But who says you have to have a special occasion? 
Get a small 7 cupcake bouquet as a unique "Thank you" for a special someone or "just because"!

  • To provide you, my customers with the ultimate personalized centerpiece, a work of edible art that will have your guests remember your event as an unforgettable one.

In my many years of decorating cakes have created unique pieces of art for the USO, numerous US Army units and events, individual soldiers as a reward for their promotion, school holiday parties and reading contests, birthday parties for adults and children, bachelors and bachelorette parties, valentines cakes, holiday cakes and of course wedding and anniversary cakes.

My made-from-scratch icing has been a long time favorite with all of my customers!

Every inch of your Cupcake Bouquet is decorated to perfection as I pay attention to the smallest detail.

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A “stable” cake

This was one of my "just for fun" cakes like I've made so many over the past 16 years....
To see more of the cakes I've made in the past click here
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2 awesome friends, one wonderful husband and 3 days of work is all you need!
Just a couple more pieces of siding and some painting left but overall it turned out great!
The Cre8ive Cake version :)