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While I only offer Cupcake Bouquets for sale,
the following pictures are just a small collection of
cakes I have baked and decorated over the past 16 years.

There many more occasions for cake, a birthday is just one of them - here are some of my creations....

Seasonal cakes

An oversized 3D hamburger and hot dog

Another very special cake was this replica of "Soehne Mannheims" Album "IZ ON"
which Germany's No.1 Band got to enjoy during rehearsals for an upcoming tour.

Cakes that look like a favorite pet


"Adult cakes" for the bachelorette/bachelor party (more cake pics upon request as some are too "adult" to post - contact me for link)


Thank you cakes for those special teachers

Cakes that resemble food

yes, it's all cake - including the "stuffing"

Cakes that show a heritage 


 a passion,

a hobby,

 or little "addictions".

Cakes for Lovers
for anniversaries,

Valentine's day
or ...just because!

Cakes to show someone they're appreciated.
Cakes for big events.

Of course everyone has a favorite character...

 Of course I've also had my share of traditional wedding cakes

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